«Doncarb Graphite» (a member of the EPM Group) is one of the leading manufacturers of construction materials and fittings made of artificial graphite with special properties in Russia and the CIS.

Production is carried out at our own facilities located in Novocherkassk and Chelyabinsk. Currently, the number of employees is over 600.

The enterprise includes engineering, design and technological departments, quality control services and departments for the sale of finished products. The enterprise produces structural materials and formed parts, carbon-carbon materials, pyrolytic graphite, ATM (anticorrosion graphite-plastic heat-conducting material) products, special chemical equipment and heat exchange equipment made of graphite materials, siliconized grades of graphite and carbon materials.

«Doncarb Graphite» actively implements import substitution programs at key domestic enterprises constantly expanding the range of its products and ensuring stable quality indices, including systematic work on the production of isostatic graphite.    

The enterprise is successfully passing certification activities. Currently, it obtained a certificate of conformity of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015, issued by TUV Nord in 2018, as well as certification and accreditation by «Rosatom» authorities.

«Doncarb Graphite» has licenses for the manufacture of equipment for nuclear power, for production of graphite, for use of generating sources of ionizing radiation, as well as the right to work with isotopic sources of ionizing radiation, to carry out activities in the chemical industry. 

The enterprise carried out a whole range of environmental protection actions; it obtained positive conclusions of «Rosprirodnadzor» and «Rostekhnadzor». 

At present the enterprise has contracts for research activities and author’s supervision with such companies as Research and development centre of EPM Group, Moscow State University, «Graphite» Research institute

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